Wat vind je van deze ervaring?

Disappointing, very disappointing.

Gepubliceerd op 5 september 2017 door Marc Geyselings.

Location: LONDON, Vauxhall SW8 LZ2, St. Georg Wharf, Kestrel House, Ap. 869.

A video says everything. Look on youtube for "Ville City Stay".

All advertising is conducted with photos view Thames. Turns out you are on the other side along a very busy intersection, Price: 1,334 euros for a week from 19 to 26/08/2017. Explanation Booking and Ville City Stay: You had to ask for a ' Riverview ' specifically.

Distance to Metro and size/looks apartment are the only positive experiences.

So we were on the south Side = See movie or pictures..
-Noise nuisance: Train station, bus station, construction sites, very busy intersection.

Communication with booking and Ville City Stay: One, they are always right and can not help you "sadly enough".

Showerhead: Unstable (drops just down) and very little water pressure.

No power outlet in bathroom for hairdryer (only "shaver").

Too hot in bedroom and living room/kitchen. No air conditioning. The offered ventilation is very noisy and cannot be used during sleep.

For reasons of the hellish noise on the street/Building yard.... The Windows cannot be left open.

On the tiny balcony you can't talk to each other by the noise.

As "apology" we got a bottle of wine of 6 euros on arrival from the host Michael with some chocolates (marches and Bountty's). This is really not enough to make this disastrously joyful.

Never again!

Roomtip: If you want a river view: Ask and demand this with your booking.

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