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Be aware: good prices but poor service

Gepubliceerd op 23 mei 2019 door Tjerk.

Booked tickets with supersaver to Johannesburg SA. Tickets were cheaper than at other sites. Checked reviews and found several reviews. Could n't book comfort class with supersaver, but could reserve dedicated seats in economy class for another €40,- (€10,- per flight) per ticket. Called the next day with the airline. They confirmed our tickets, helped us to get comfort class and explained that seat reservations in economy are absolutely free of charge. Called Supersaver to get the € 240 for our 6 tickets back, but they explained that they couldn't do anything. It was their policy to charge a fee and by booking we accepted their policy. Felt unfair and not correct to charge something which is a free service of the airline. So overall, tickets and pricing good, but little tricks and service afterwards terrible.

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Ja, In the end, pricing is everything, but be aware not to fall for all the little tricks or require service