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Geen aanrader, vreemde informatie en geen service

Gepubliceerd op 21 september 2018 door Machiel.

Unfortunately booked a ticket through this company. Due to some personal circumstances was forced to rebook my ticket. During my several phone calls (please note you are calling a Dutch number and you get redirected to some Indian telephone agency), which were all around 20 minutes, got different information all the time. I had booked a ticket for 600US$, during my last 2 calls I was in the process to change the dates. The first lady on the phone told me that the price I had to pay for changing the ticket was €1001(!!) Where a new ticket would be 700US$?! These prices were clearly made up and not based on anything. I asked her how she got to that price and she hang up the phone.
2nd call, gentlemen pickes up the phone saying "I think my colleague already told you the price". Well hello sir... eventually after some talking price went down to €595. The breakdown was as followed.
€170 for change of airfare
€260 for penalties from the airline
€65 p.p. for change free from supersavers

First of all it doesnt add up second of all he couldnt really explain any of the numbers. Furthermore when I asked him if we could find a ticket without a change in airfare rate the answer was: "you have the cheapest ticket already". Then why the €170 in airfare rate?!

All and all it was cheaper to cancel my ticket then to change with this company. Very inhuman not to emphazise with someone issues and very confusing that buying new tickets is cheaper than changing dates. NEVER AGAIN.

I would like to hear my recorded call or at least have some management (if you have) listen to your solutions. I think the majority of these comments says that something is going very wrong with your way of making business.

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