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Supersave bad service

Gepubliceerd op 4 april 2023 door Hans.

What actually went well? Actually nothing! We had booked two tickets to Australia on16 oktober 2022. A total amount of 3500 euros. In 1 of the tickets there was a letter wrong in the name. Called within 15 minutes and asked Supersaver to change this. The Supersaver employee reports that this is possible, but the costs are 40 euros.The told me that I would receive an email within an hour that the change was successful. However, no email. Called at least 30 times in 1 week.
You are constantly on hold. They check with another department. Every conversation went like this. Promise that you will receive a quick answer by email!
In the end we went to Qatar Airways in Amsterdam. This cost me another 70 euros. The changed it in 30 minutes!
Until today 3/27/2023 they have done NOTHING! It lost my 40 euros! Now I know that this is a small amount. But it's not about the money. It will cost you sleepless nights thinking that 1 ticket cannot be used to fly.
Can recommend 1 thing about SUPERSAVER, NEVER do business with them. They just want to sell quickly with attractive prices. But with Supersaver there is no service!

Supersaver must be stopped from selling airline tickets! So don't buy tickets from this company! Rather pay a little more for good service.

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  • The prices offered are lower than other sites
  • There are no other strong points
  • There are no other strong points
  • There is no Service
  • Service desk very difficult to reach
  • You are put on hold for a long time.
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